VIDEA's Fair Trade Fair

Once a year, VIDEA gathers together with other socially conscious, fair trade community members to put on the Fair Trade Fair. The fair has grown substantially since its beginnings over 20 years ago! Today, vendors from all over Vancouver Island and the lower mainland delight visitors with quality goods and invaluable information about the importance of fair trade!

Save the date! VIDEA's Fair Trade Fair will be held on Saturday, November 25, 2017 from 10am - 4pm at the First Metropolitan United Church Hall (932 Balmoral Road) in Victoria! 

The Fair Trade Fair isn’t just about adding yet another day of shopping to an already consumer - packed season though! Milling throughout the fair, visitors learn about the different projects many of the vendors support; how they first got involved in fair trade and why it is important to them. Learning from one another and sharing stories and concerns regarding trade is also an important part of the Fair Trade Fair - and we hope to see you there!

Check out this years vendors!  

African AIDS Angels   |   African Fair Trade Society   |   Aldea Maya   |   Batiqua   |   The Bead Project   |   Canadian Women for Afghanistan Women   |   The Didi Society   |   Eco and Unique   |   Floating Stones Silk   |   Harvest Hands International   |   Honestly Tea   |   ICO Scarves for Stoves   |   International Women's Catering Coop   |   Kasandy Inc.   |   Laloca   |   Level Ground Trading   |   Lotusland Imports   |   Marigold Collective   |   Maya Skills Project   |   Mondo Trading Company   |   Mosqoy   |   Nica Ceramica   |   Peace Freaks Clothing   |   Positively Africa   |   Simzi Crafts   |   Ten Thousand Villages   |   Victoria Global Village Store   |   Victoria Grandmothers for Africa   |   VIDEA

VIDEA has been a strong supporter of fair trade over the last few decades - supporting the development of fair trade initiatives in Zambia and producing learning resources including "Trade my Way, the Coffee Trade - a teacher’s Guide" and "Deceptive Beauty: the story of Fair Flowers".

For more information about the Fair Trade Fair, get in touch with our Project Officer Brianne Meikle at